Tomorrowland - latest news (June 5, 2023)


You wanted to see Tomorrowland? Well hang on because here it is” This Tuesday you can bring home the future when Disney’s ... | 10 days ago
Black Coffee: Grammy Award-Winning House Superstar Attends Star-Studded F1 Event in Barcelona

Grammy-winning DJ Black Coffee attended the Spanish Grand Prix, mingling with stars and sharing his experience with fans. | 5 hours ago
George Clooney Shares Secrets From "Tomorrowland" #TomorrowlandEvent

If you’re like me and the rest of the county, you spent this weekend with George Clooney at the number one movie in the ... | 10 days ago
The Best DJ Sets of All Time

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of history as we unveil the best DJ sets ever, ones that have defined generations and ... | 10 hours ago
I met every character at Disney's Magic Kingdom in one day. Here's how I did it and tips I'd give for people who want to do the same.

I challenged myself to meet every character in Disney World's Magic Kingdom in a day. Here's how I quickly met 20+ characters ... | 1 day ago
Rocket Rods: The History Of Disneyland's Worst Attraction

From Disneyland's opening day attractions that are still there to modern marvels like Rise of the Resistance, every ... | 22/05/2023
New TRON Pressed Pennies Available at Tomorrowland Launch Depot in Magic Kingdom

You can find this new pressed pennies machine near the exit doors at Tomorrowland Launch Depot. All pressed pennies at Walt Disney World are $1. Or you can get all eight designs in a machine for $5. | 7 days ago
Coca-Cola launches summer music campaign with original song and music video by Jon Batiste

The new Coke Studio music program will release original music, like Jon Batiste’s ‘Be who you are (real magic),’ and host ... | 4 days ago
The Man Reimagining Disney Classics for Today’s World

Sean Bailey is in charge of live-action remakes of films like “The Little Mermaid.” It’s a job that puts him in the middle of ... | 23 hours ago
Landscaping Installed Around Walt Disney World Railroad as … – WDW News Today

New landscaping is outlining the Walt Disney World Railroad’s new path. Trees along the sides of the train tracks have been ... | 5 days ago
Black Coffee Rocks Asia in Lit Video, Mzansi Impressed by Tomorrowland Performance: “I Felt That Vibe”

DJ Black Coffee impressed Mzansi with his talent as he performs at Tomorrowland in Asia during a music festival. The Grammy Award winner received all credit. | 10 days ago
Mickey Mouse celebrates the Space Age as astronaut on Disney100 Citizen watch

Mickey Mouse has landed on the "face" of the moon. Face, that is, of a wristwatch created to pay homage to The Walt Disney ... | 3 days ago
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