Rfid - latest news (June 5, 2023)

This retailer is using RFID tags to make in-person clothes shopping less frustrating

Does anyone really like in-person clothes shopping anymore? Fashion brand River Island is using a range of digital solutions ...
www.zdnet.com | 2 days ago
Fresenius Kabi Launches RFID-Enabled Rocuronium Bromide Injection, its First Product Compatible with Bluesight's KitCheck System

Fresenius Kabi, a leading provider of injectable medications, announced today it has launched Rocuronium Bromide Injection ...
finance.yahoo.com | 6 days ago
What Is RFID and How Does It Work?

Radio frequency identification has been around for a while, but now it’s primarily used for supply chain management and ...
biztechmagazine.com | 10 days ago
RFID Technology: Revolutionizing Industries and Daily Life in India, Says ID Tech Solutions

In India, the pervasive influence of RFID technology is causing a profound shift in industries and everyday routines. Its wireless capabilities find diverse applications, from optimizing inventory ...
news.webindia123.com | 4 days ago
Apple will let you create stickers from your own photos and videos

In iOS/iPadOS 17, you'll be able to use your favorite emojis as stickers in your messages and even devise stickers from your ...
www.zdnet.com | 37 minutes ago
Will Shoplifting and Sustainability Reignite RFID?

Just before Checkpoint Systems’ business development manager Scott Reithmeier addressed attendees at the Aptos Engage 2023 ...
www.yahoo.com | 12 days ago
Distance Encoder Automates RFID Tag Writing

RF Controls has built functionality into its overhead reader antennas to encode UHF RFID tags, or to change their EPC IDs.
www.rfidjournal.com | 6 days ago
Using RFID technology to keep track of original documents

In the last blog we introduced the idea of using RFID technology instead for this unavoidable chore. This is how it works.
www.legalfutures.co.uk | 13 days ago
This men's RFID-blocking wallet is only $10 for Memorial Day — score it for dad!

One of the biggest gripes men have is carrying around a thick, bulky wallet in their back pocket. Or maybe he considers that ...
uk.news.yahoo.com | 9 days ago
What Are the Best Examples of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

From RFID tags for luggage tracking to identity and access management, these professionals provide a comprehensive look at ...
techbullion.com | 38 minutes ago
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