Disparaging - latest news (June 6, 2023)

Peter van Onselen agrees not to ‘ridicule’ Channel Ten as network sues for breach of contract

Ten launches legal action against its former political editor, who quit the network in March ...
www.theguardian.com | 13 hours ago
Pride Day banner vandalized in Bolton over the weekend; hate crime investigation ensues

An individual spray-painted hateful epithets on a Pride Day banner and Town of Bolton display sign, police said.
www.masslive.com | 20 minutes ago
Welcome to 'Pothole Crescent'! Fury from residents over lack of repairs to busy street so riddled with cavities it has earned disparaging nickname

For nearly five years now, homeowners along Glebe Crescent in Witham, Essex, have endured appalling road surfaces and ...
www.dailymail.co.uk | 1 day ago
Ask Amy: While staying with friends, disparaging remarks are hurled at woman’s husband

People had been drinking, and missteps are to be expected, but this was personal and vicious. The wife apologized, the ...
www.nj.com | 2 days ago
Britain's Got Talent 2023: Finale sees ratings slump

Britain's Got Talent saw it hit a pinnacle in popularity over a decade ago in 2009 when over 18 million people tuned in to ...
uk.news.yahoo.com | 6 hours ago
'Shocked:' Alex Rodriguez responds to disparaging remarks from ex-teammate

Alex Rodriguez addressed the controversial statements from former high school teammate Doug Mientkiewicz: "I always ...
www.msn.com |
Bridgerton fans spot interesting detail in new season 3 snap

Bridgerton fans have spotted new details in a behind-the-scenes snap from season three filming - and we’re definitely a ...
www.hellomagazine.com | 12 hours ago
Alex Rodriguez 'shocked and surprised' by ex-teammate Doug Mientkiewicz's disparaging comments

Mientkiewicz, who played with Rodriguez in high school and on the Yankees, said his former teammate is 'going to die a lonely ...
www.msn.com |
Jeremy Paxman: memorable lines from a master of the scathing put-down

As the University Challenge host bows out, here is a selection of his most disparaging comments to contestants ...
www.theguardian.com | 7 days ago
Imran sends Rs10b defamation notice to Qadir Patel for ‘disparaging allegations’

Demands unconditional apology for causing 'emotional trauma, injury to reputation'Warns Patel to fulfil notice requirement ...
www.pakistantoday.com.pk | 6 days ago
Alex Rodriguez takes the high ground in subtle reply to ex-Yankees teammate Doug Mientkiewicz

MLB legend Alex Rodriguez responded to the disparaging comments made by against him by former teammate turned minor league ...
www.dailymail.co.uk | 4 days ago
How hip-hop learned to call out homophobia – or at least apologize for it

Eminem responded by calling him a homophobic slur but later apologized. In a perfect world there would be no slur to apologize for. But it does show that hip-hop has evolved to a point at which ...
www.sfgate.com | 1 hour ago
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