Chiropractor - latest news (June 5, 2023)

Manitoba chiropractor cleared of misconduct after posting pro-vaccine news story

The case against chiropractor Carolyn Weiss placed her in the middle of a divide in the profession over vaccination, an ... |
Physical therapy vs chiropractor: who should you see?

We speak to two health professionals to determine the key differences between physical therapy vs chiropractor ... | 10/05/2023
Special Report: A local chiropractor uncovered a breakthrough procedure for her patients

Vertigo, migraines, and sinus conditions keep many people from living normal lives.Wednesday, we’ll have more on how a local ... |
New affordable chiropractor aims to help those on long waiting lists

A brand-new family-oriented Chiropractor has recently opened her doors for business in Cumbria. Based in Brampton Community ... |
Chiropractor — Johanna McCormick

After spending a number of years teaching, Johanna decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor. By studying the Integrated Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) at McTimoney College, she's now doctor of ... | 4 days ago
'MAFS' 'Cortney Hendrix Welcomes Second Baby: 'Our Family Is Complete' (Exclusive)

"After seeing my doctor and getting a light membrane sweep, I went to the chiropractor for one last adjustment and went home. That night I bounced on the yoga ball A LOT and competed the Miles Circut. | 2 hours ago
Amazon is holding a rare one-day sale on Theraguns in time for Father's Day — save up to $120

This massager also features four attachments — small ball, dampener, thumb and micropoint — for a truly customized massage. | 9 hours ago
Woman wearing ‘cinching steel’ corset for 16 hours a day shocks chiropractor with explanation after revealing 16-inch waist

A woman has admitted wearing a corset for 16 hours a day for a particular reason, shocking Crack Addicts star Dr. Alessandra ... | 12 days ago
I thought Gwyneth’s diet was nonsense – until I tried it

The actress has been criticised for her ‘starvation promoting’ bone broth and intermittent fasting routine – but what is it ... |
Woman farts in doctor Alessandra Coló's face on TLC show Crack Addicts

A woman farted in Dr Alessandra Colón during a new Florida-based TV show, Crack Addicts, as she attempted to cure the patient ... |
National Cancer Survivors Day: Two Moms Share the Real Reason Behind Their Recovery

On National Cancer Survivors Day, two women who overcame this difficult disease, are sharing the real reason behind their ... | 23 hours ago
Cardi B. Closes Out Summer Jam With Latto And GloRilla

Cardi B. shut down Summer Jam with guest performances from Latto and GloRilla. She shut down rumors of shading Ice Spice ... | 2 hours ago
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